In the first days of the World Championship in Hungary, there was bit of confusion related to how and where to follow the games of the water polo tournaments, due to the not exactly immediate accessibility of the new streaming channel All Aquatics of Eurosportvisions, to which FINA has entrusted the live of the event. We, therefore, decided to create a short guide to make it easier for fans to see the water polo matches in Budapest.


Let’s start by saying that all the water polo competitions of the World Championships — and also of the other four aquatic disciplines — are broadcast on the All Aquatics platform (click here to connect) . To be able to use the contents, however, it is necessary to register: once on the main page of the site, therefore, click on REGISTER at the top left;

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the registration screen will open, fill in the entire form by writing your e-mail and creating your password for All Aquatics; then click on REGISTER below. Registration is FREE.

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Once registered, go back to the home and click LOG IN at the top right;

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enter your username and password on the next screen and click LOG IN below. At this point you can choose the game that interests you.

Access to the races is not intuitive. To find the match you are interested in, you must use the search engine inside the site: therefore click on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right of the page.

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At this point it is necessary to type in the name of the city hosting the group with the match you are looking for, that is Budapest, DebrecenSopron or Szeged. We recall the venues of the groups:

Women‘s tournament – The groups

Group A (in Budapest): Italy, Hungary, Canada, Colombia.

Group B (in Debrecen): The United States, the Netherlands, South Africa, Argentina.

Group C (in Sopron): Brazil, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia.

Group D (in Szeged): Thailand, France, Greece, Spain.

Men‘s tournament – The groups

Group A (in Budapest): Hungary, Brazil, Montenegro, Georgia.

Group B (in Debrecen): Japan, Greece, Germany, Croatia.

Group C (in Sopron): Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain

Group D (in Szeged): Kazakhstan, the United States, Australia, Serbia.

Soreferring to the matches scheduled for today 22 June in the women‘s tournament, if you want to follow Argentina-South Africa, scheduled at 18 in Debrecen you should search the search engine for the word “Debrecen.”

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In response to the research, All Aquatics brings up an image with the words “Water Polo” and further down “Debrecen ” . Click on this image and the player for the live streaming of the match scheduled at that moment in the Debrecen swimming pool will open.

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The procedure is also the same for matches on the other fields. For Budapest, where other disciplines are also contested (swimming, artistic swimming, cross-country skiing, diving), several images will open, each relating to an event or a competition venue. So just choose the one with the words “Water Polo Budapest”.

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