IT’S OFFICIAL: Beachpolistas World Tour 2022 started from Uruguay (PICS)!

by Δέσποινα Μπαλαχτάρη

2022 started in a great way for the Beachpolistas World Tour, as on February 5 and 6 the maiden New Year’s event was held in Uruguay, under the auspices of … #Beachpolistas and I.B.WP.AS.

On the beautiful La Paloma Beach in Rocha, Uruguay, Latin American citizens first learned about the special and unique rules of the Beachpolistas World Tour on how to score in bursts with their heads and feet, something that only in this event is allowed and such goals count as … double!

The Uruguayan #beachpolistas formed eight teams in the first tournament held in the country, while the gold medal was won by the “Las Alas” team! The silver medal went to the “Pessoal” team, as “5rrea” completed the podium.

The Beachpolistas World Tour 2022 officially premieres with the Uruguayan tournament and soon the organizers will announce the calendar for this year, with many goals coming to Greece and Europe!

It should be noted that the Beachpolistas World Tour has spread its wings in Latin America, with the valuable help of IBWP.AS partner Pedro Diaz, as a fixed station is Iquique, Chile, a new addition to Puerto Escondido in Mexico, and most recently, we had the first stop for 2022, at Rocha of Uruguay.

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