Felipe Perrone to #AQF24: “Proud to win Olympiacos in such a difficult pool to achieve”!

by Δέσποινα Μπαλαχτάρη

Everyone whispered around yesterday’s game #5 of Champions League in Piraeus between Olympiacos and Zodiac CNAB, estimatating that it’ll be a “clash of titans” with a late drama for teh winner. The “red and white” team looked very focused on the first half, although the score was on 4-4, however – in the second half CNAB grabbed every chance in the last 3 minutes with Felipe Perrone starring in the spanish team’s advantage of 6-6 to 8-6! Elvis Fatovic’ team managed to shock Olympiacos in those crucial last attacks and left Piraeus with the first Champions League’ win of 2023, while those 3 points made the things of 1st place in Group A, clear.

If we should talk about a key-player of yesterday’s game it was without a doubt – Felipe Perrone. Every pass, every shot, every move of this top athlete – is a result of an advanced thought and we have concluded that Perrone really “sees through the game”. The man who grabbed the responsibility for his team to win a tough derby and sprinted like an 18-year-old swimmer to score the 8-6, is really a unique thing to watch and experience.

Speaking exclusively to #Aquafeed24 after CNAB’s win, Felipe Perrone made a short summary of his thoughts on yesterday’s game, reffering on the key-points that resulted in his teams’ victory.

“It was trully an amazing game. We are very happy and proud – Olympiacos is a great team and Pireus is one of the most difficult swimming poolw to achieve a win… Our defense was – like always – the key for us. Many players from Olympiacos were not on their best conditions because of injury and light sickness, and this was an advantage for us on the last period, taking every possible chance to score”.

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